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Losee Associates, INC.

Lighten your load and hire a Legal Nurse Consultant

We are a family-run Legal Nurse Consulting Firm.  We provide Expert Witness Services as well as Expert Witness Placement Matching if we cannot meet your needs.  We have over 40 years of combined nursing experience.  We have worked on defense and plaintiff sides for cases.  We are dedicated to representing our clients with integrity and compassion.

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Medical Legal Consulting with a Purpose

 Legal cases can be challenging; we  are here to lighten your load. We are honest and positive professionals whose first priority is always the interests of our clients; providing capability, adaptability, and  reliability.

What is a Legal Nurse Consultant? 

As consultants, legal nurses serve as analysts, collaborators, strategists, researchers, and educators.  With their in-depth knowledge of nursing, medicine, and the healthcare system, their contributions are recognized in all types of medical-legal cases or claims across all medical-legal settings. As such, LNCs

are uniquely qualified and valuable members of the legal team.

What Does a Legal Nurse Consultant Do?


  1. Participate in client interviews 

  2. Identify, organize and analyze pertinent medical records

  3. Prepare a chronology, timeline or other summaries of documentation in medical records

  4. Conduct medical literature searches and assist in other research

  5. Identify applicable standards of care in medical, and nursing malpractice cases

  6. Identify, screen and facilitate review by expert witnesses

  7. Evaluate case strengths and weaknesses

  8. Draft or analyze medical portions of legal documents

  9. Evaluate causation and damage issues

  10. Educate attorneys and clients regarding relevant medical issues

  11. Identify plaintiff's future medical needs and associated costs 

  12. Participate in case management and case strategy discussions 

  13. Attend independent medical exams

  14. Serve as a nurse expert witness

  15. Perform cost of care estimates for long-term care treatment and catastrophic case management scenarios

  16. Locate or prepare demonstrative evidence for trial 

  17. Assist with preparation for and support during deposition, trial or Alternative Dispute Resolution


 Patricia McAlary-Losee, EdD. MSN, APRN-BC, COHN-S, LNC

My Story

I am the President of Losee Associates, a Legal Nurse Consulting business. We provide Medical Legal Nursing and Expert Witness services. I have over fifteen years experience in a hospital based occupational medicine center servicing
multiple employees in a variety of jobs and involving the workers’ compensation system. I have extensive experience evaluating and treating musculoskeletal and other work injuries, including
lacerations, exposures and occupational trauma as well as evaluating pre-employment testing,
performance, physical exams and screenings. I also have twenty years experience in case management, clinical coordination, and pain management. I have taught nursing students at all levels, including baccalaureate for twelve years and been a clinical preceptor to Nurse Practitioner students for eleven years, for six university programs. I received the Preceptor of the Year Award for the past four years from the Mass. Coalition of Nurse Practitioners.

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Heather Losee, DNP, MS, AGPCNP-BC, LNC

My Story

I’ve been been a nurse since 2003.  I love what I do. I am a board certified Doctorally prepared Nurse Practitioner.  I have spent over 12 years practicing in Primary Care.  I have been teaching at the graduate level Primary Care of the adult to Nurse Practitioner students for 10 years.  I have served as expert witness on defense and plaintiff sides.  I love analyzing charts, health conditions, and I am a lifelong learner.  I earned my LNC certificate from Florida Atlantic University, and my other degrees from the University of Massachusetts. I am a two time award recipient of the Alumni Award at University of Massachusetts in the Nursing Department, and I was awarded recognition in salute to nurses Boston Globe 2012.


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We are legal nurses with a combined 40 plus years of experience.

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